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"No two bodies are alike and no two massages should be either.  Your massage should be as unique as you are.  I will work collaboratively with you to meet your exact needs."

All massage services include everything you need for relaxation, rejuvenation, healing and transformation.  Each massage is customized to what your goals are for the session and may include the use of essential oils, heat treatment, warm towels and cupping therapy where needed at no additional charge.  I consider these services to be complimentary to ensure the ultimate massage experience.

Pricing information:

60 minute - $90

 75 minute - $105

90 minute - $120

Relaxation Massage - traditional Swedish massage - a smooth, gentle, flowing style of massage that uses your preferred pressure to promote general relaxation, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and flexibility, decrease muscle toxins and leave you with that “ahhhhh...I needed that” feeling.  


Therapeutic Massage - in this session, we will work together with a shared goal of structural changes within the body, generally over a series of regular massages.  Through a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques along with Trigger Point and Neuromuscular Therapy where needed, your body will be able to relax while still experiencing the benefits of deep muscle work.  Expected outcomes include improved range of motion, decreased pain sensation, improved posture, and aiding soft-tissue healing.

Reiki Massage - a synergistic blend of relaxing Swedish massage and energy work, designed to activate your body’s natural healing capability.  I'll work slowly to engage with your body using light to medium pressure and incorporate traditional Reiki hand placements so you can fall deeply into relaxation, soothing the nervous system and your body's fight or flight response.  The intention for this session is to treat the physical body and encourage active energy flow for optimal healing.  Reiki massage can help to release emotional and energetic blockages we often hold in our muscle tissue.  The session overall helps to relax, ground, unblock, align, and bring harmony to your body and spirit.

Heat Therapy - I use the Synergy Stone Heat Wave Massage Tools for heat treatment therapy.  Synergy Stones blend Hot Stone Relaxation with Therapuetic results. Check out the video below. 

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